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"We are the business partner of choice for the telecommunication industry!"

Our Mission

To be the business partner of choice for the telecommunication industry by our dedication to quality, a new level of professionalism and customer service, our focus on values, the integrity used in all aspects of our business, and the respect we show our employees for the valuable role that each one plays within our organization to achieve mutual growth goals.

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A Light to the Future

Headquarted in Washington, D.C. ACS Communications is a high-end digital telecommunications company specializing in installations, maintenance and end-to-end IT network applications. ACS Communications provides a comprehensive array of core telecommunication services, and our information technology capabilities cover a wide suite of application, data, network, program and management products and services.

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What ACS Offers

  • Technology Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Site Assessment
  • Installations
  • Project Management

  • Our Services Areas

    • Atlanta, GA
    • Birmingham, AL
    • Dallas, TX
    • Chicago, IL
    • Detroit, MI
    • New Orleans, LA
    • New York, NY
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Washington, DC