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Digital Services






All ACS technicians are equipped with the tools to complete their job accurately and to MSO specifications. This extends beyond simple installation and includes specialized equipment to measure customer signal levels to ensure their TV, data or phone service is as clear as possible.

ACS Communications technicians are fully trained to install all types of digital customer premise equipment, including the newest digital devices from manufacturers like Motorola and Scientific Atlanta. This includes standard digital boxes, HD boxes, DVRs, HD/DVRs, and Moxi boxes. Our technicians take the time to verify that the install is completed properly and the customer is educated on all aspects of the equipment.

ACS Communications technicians can setup any cable modem systems, from a simple PCI or USB connection to more complex business environments tha tinclud routers and wireless networking components.

ACS Communications telephony technicians are NCTI certified and capable of passing all MSO certifications. ACS technicians are qualified to install VoIP equipment from many vendors in residential and commercial environments.

Wireless Services

ACS Communications has wide-ranging experience in project management of turnkey data network migrations and metropolitan and long haul network installations. Our design and deployment efforts have included thousands of miles of fiber optics cable and associated electronics; thousands of wireless sites installed and commissioned as well as router and switch equipment installation for telecommunications carriers and enterprise customers.

We attribute much of our project success to a highly motivated, cross technology disciplined technical staff. They include full-time, professional technicians trained on a variety of manufacturer products and whose skills are periodically reinforced through "ACS's Core Technology Competency" training in our classroom. Our mission simply is to provide on time, quality delivery through planned, managed processes and resources. ACS recognizes the significance and strategic value of this program and pledge to implement all phases efficiently. ACS has teams of experienced professionals ready to support the implementation of each site. Services can include:

ACS Communications employs highly skilled specialists to perform aerial and underground construction services. We use only the latest in state of the art equipment and technology assuring that each job is performed at or above industry standards.

IT & Audit Services



Construction Services

System Commissioning & Integration

Cell Site Maintenance Support

  • Underground fiber trenching/burying from
    DMARC to cell sites &
    micro trenching

  • Microwave
    back-haul/T1 installation & testing

  • Conduit installation

  • Test & Acceptance

  • New Construction

  • Plant Replacements

  • System Activation

  • Retrofits

  • Maintenance

  • Splicing

  • Trenching

  • Directional Boring

  • Transportation & Logistics Support

  • Pre-configuration & Burn-in Testing

  • Equipment Delivery

  • Warehousing

  • Equipment Installation (electrical & electronic)

  • Switching

  • Power and Alarms

  • RF Engineering

  • RF Sweep

  • Drive Testing Support Staff

  • DC prep

  • Electrical copper replacement/electricity restore

  • Grounding Equipment to Bus Bar and Grid

  • Door, roof and floor repair

  • HVAC

  • Weed control

  • Tower lamping

  • Battery replacement

  • Generator

  • Chain link Fence Repair