Diva Dolls Academy Mission

Diva Dolls mission is to make a positive distinction in the lives of children and youth by increasing the self-esteem and social development of our students by providing education, training, and hands-on experiences in modeling and etiquette within a nurturing atmosphere with mentors who are committed to excellence through guidance and support.

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Diva Dolls Academy is always in need of donations and sponsors to assist with our efforts.

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Diva Doll Academy LLC

A Mother & Daughter Team

Diva Dolls Academy, a Modeling, Etiquette & Mentoring enrichment program that seeks to “Change the community by building character one person at a time”. Our goal is to provide a positive extracurricular activity and safe haven for children and teens that focuses on mentoring while developing skills in the areas of modeling, etiquette, self-esteem, leadership, and basic life skills needed to succeed in today’s society.

  • Diva Dolls Fall 2011

    "It is important to have positive extracurricular activities for the children and teens so that parents will not lose their children to the streets and gangs. We believe children are valuable and need consistent love, nurturing, mentoring, and attention."

  • Diva Dolls Fall 2011

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Donations and Sponsors

Diva Dolls Academy is always in need of donations and sponsors to assist with our efforts. We have students that are unable to afford some of the basic necessities in life. We expose our young ladies to semi-formal events which require them to dress up and use their etiquette skills that we taught them. However, many of our students do not own dresses nor dress shoes. We are always in need of businesses or people to donate and/or sponsor in any way.

During the holidays, we give baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families in the urban community. Throughout the year, our organization participates in various community service projects. You would provide our organization as well as the community a great service by assisting Diva Dolls Academy in changing the community by building character one person at a time.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donating, please contact us via phone or email. If you would like to donate online through our SECURE PayPal link, click the DONATE button below.

Our goal is to encourage the children and teens while assisting them with the following:

  • * Teaching them to love themselves.

  • * Empowering them to believe in themselves and in their potential through fun and enriching activities, in a safe and supportive environment.

  • * Teaching them how to become socially competent.

  • * Teaching them positive self-talk

  • * Helping to guide them on their journey toward a successful future.

  • * Helping them to feel free to express themselves, to excel and to experience new things.

  • * Helping them to have fun and develop new friends along the way.

  • * Helping them to stay focused on education and making positive choices in their daily lives.

Below are sponsors for Diva Dolls Academy, LLC. Please support our organization in any way and we will proudly list your business logo on our website and event programs as a sponsor.