Diva Dolls Academy Mission

Diva Dolls mission is to make a positive distinction in the lives of children and youth by increasing the self-esteem and social development of our students by providing education, training, and hands-on experiences in modeling and etiquette within a nurturing atmosphere with mentors who are committed to excellence through guidance and support.

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Diva Dolls Academy is always in need of donations and sponsors to assist with our efforts.

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Diva Doll Academy LLC

A Mother & Daughter Team

Diva Dolls recreation program serves as a four month training program to get children started with recognizing the abilities that are within them. This program will allow children to develop and/or enhance their self-esteem while also learning proper etiquette and modeling techniques. All learning will take place in a nurturing, mentoring environment. During the program, students participates in programs such as: Mother/Daughter Tea Party to showcase their etiquette, community service projects, retreats and workshops. At the conclusion of the program students will participate in a closing exercise which is a fashion show for their family and friends to enjoy what they have learned. All students will receive a participation award for their hard work in the program. Read More





Through mentoring the youth are allowed to showcase their inner skills and share daily challenges that they encounter while bringing positive resolution to their issues. Community service events and the importance of giving back will be fostered. Students will focus on preparing for the future by developing educational and career goals as well as developing a positive motivational thinking process.

We are currently looking to fill positions for the following areas:

Part-time Modeling Instructors (with pay) - Contact us to apply here.

We are also looking for INTERNS (to work for stipend or credit hours) in:

**Note- You MUST pass a background check to work as a Mentor or Instructor! If you are interested in any of the above mentioned positions, please contact us immediately!