Diva Dolls Academy Mission

Diva Dolls mission is to make a positive distinction in the lives of children and youth by increasing the self-esteem and social development of our students by providing education, training, and hands-on experiences in modeling and etiquette within a nurturing atmosphere with mentors who are committed to excellence through guidance and support.

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Diva Dolls Academy is always in need of donations and sponsors to assist with our efforts.

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Diva Doll Academy LLC

A Mother & Daughter Team

Girls Pamper Day!!

Our divas spent their day getting massages, manicures & pedicures on behalf of Diva Dolls Academy. They were so excited and they felt like princesses.

New York Getaway Retreat!

Our ladies spent 4 days in Catskill, NY at a resort. These ladies had fun while exercising, swimming, cooking, learning about nature and teamwork in the house.

Mother/Daughter Boat Cruise!

Our young ladies and thier mothers have a great time using their etiquette skills, bonding, dancing, and eating on the Spirit of Baltimore on behalf of Diva Dolls Academy.

Diva Dolls takes great pride in our program. We have fun trips and community service events throughout the year. Our goal is to show our girls how to be young ladies, how to be productive in society and most importantly to love yourself and others.

These are just a few of our events that took place in 2011.... the year is not over and there is more to come!!!

Parent & Student Testimonies

Diva Dolls Academy strives for excellence with each class and each program. We know that we do an awesome job with our young ladies but it really helps for others to see and hear how great of a program we have. Please take a moment to read some of the compliments we have received from both students and parents of our program. We submit an evaluation at the end of each program and these are some of the statistics and quotes verbatim.






of our young ladies have noticed a change or improvement in their decision-making or actions in regards to their character, confidence or self-esteem as a result of being enrolled in the Diva Dolls of our young ladies said our Mentoring sessions were helpful. of our young ladies said that they enhanced their leadership skills as a result of being enrolled in Diva Dolls. of our young ladies said that after joining Diva Dolls their attitude towards school is better and their grades and test scores have improved.





of our young ladies said the Diva Doll experience brought them closer to their mother in terms of interacting together more often. of our young ladies consider the Diva Dolls staff to be supportive, encouraging and caring mentors to them. of our young ladies feel that after joining Diva Dolls they have more options for their future. of our young ladies feel that after joining Diva Dolls they are able to express their feelings better and they get along better with others.

    Dear Ms. Ty and Ms. Val, I would like to say thank you for all the great things you did for the youth of Diva Dolls and the support you gave us through the year. Thank you.


    The Mentoring sessions were helpful because they taught us how to solve our problems and what not to do.


    I like that I was able to speak my mind about anything.


    Diva Dolls helped me to have confidence. They taught me to walk better, to keep my head high and be confident no matter what.


    Ms. Val and Ms. Ty, both of you do an awesome job with the girls. I just love your program! These girls get so much for such the small fee that you charge. My daughther has improved in so many areas since coming to your program. I hope that your organization continues to grow and keep being a blessing to these young girls because they need it so much. Thank you for all that you do. Oh... and I just loved the Fashion Show and the Mother and Daughter Tea Party. Both of them were very professional and well put together. Take Care and I will see you at the next registration.

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