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"Our Philosophy!" To give children a good balance of child care while making sure they are equipped with the tools and skills needed before they enter kindergarten. We provide a stimulating educational and social environment for your child
Choosing a quality child care provider is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make. It can also prove to be one of the most challenging decisions to make. However, taking the time to ask the right questions and obtain all the information you can, will make finding a quality home daycare a rewarding experience. To help you meet this challenge, I want to share with the signs of quality childcare, how to keep a quality daycare/provider and the advantages of a family home daycare. Quality child care is so much more than babysitting. Quality childcare providers have a pure and genuine interest in the development and well-being of children. Not only to we want to help them reach their full potential academically but, we want to help them grow socially and individually as well. Their safety is top priority and we strive to make them feel safe at all times. We want them to fee loved warm and comfortable because that is what they deserve. At Kinder Readiness Academy my goal is to ensure children are well equipped with the tools and skills they need before they enter Kindergarten. To accomplish this, I offer a fun and exciting curriculum for children 2- 5 years old.

Tips parents can take to build a successful partnership with your child's care provider.

Turn in all necessary paperwork on time
Prior to your child's first day of childcare there are a number of documents that need to be submitted such as immunization records and medical health release forms. State law requires that all child care programs comply with this law. Please hand in all forms on time. During the duration of the program, you'll need to sign permission slips authorizing the provider to give your child medications for example, antibiotics for ear infections, etc. These need to be signed right away.
Let your provider know as much as possible about your child
A quality provider will take your child's unique characteristics into consideration as they care for him and her. My goal is to make them feel at home and make sure they are comfortable. I would like to know what words your child uses to ask for things, their nap, eating and toilet habits, their likes and dislikes, and any information about their general development.
Develop Rapport
Frequent, informal communication between you and your child's provider plays a huge role in building a positive relationship. Feel free to talk briefly with me when you drop off and pick up your child. This simple and quick gesture makes it easier to keep the lines of communication open and can make sharing information about your child a matter of routine. Also, new concerns that might arise may be easier to resolve when a successful partnership has been established.
Bring up any problems or concerns immediately with the childcare provider
If you or your child care having problems or concerns please address them and bring them to me immediately so they can be resolved as quickly as possible. Please handle these types of situations with respect and maturity. Take a non-confrontational approach and look to come up with solutions together. Communicate clearly from the start and feel free to discuss any everything that comes to mind.
Make sure your child has all supplies he or she needs at daycare
Please keep extra clothes at the daycare in case of spills or bathroom accidents. If your child comes wearing spare clothing, make sure you bring a fresh set the next day. If your child sleeps with a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, feel free to leave that at daycare. Your child will have his or her own cubby so, periodically check to ensure they still have all their necessary items needed.

More Tips

  • Pick up your child on time I understand emergencies happen. However, I encourage you to have a backup plan with someone who can pick up your child if you cannot get to the daycare on time. I do have a generous late pick-up policy. However, please do not take advantage.
  • Please do not bring your child to daycare sick Remember my daycare is not just babysitting. My daycare has a strong and creative curriculum focus that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. I also focus on values such as respect, sharing, listening, etc. Weekly notices and tracking reports may be sent home with your child and/or mail to you. Notices may consist of reminders about what is going on for the week. Tracking reports will inform you how well your child is performing in certain areas or where he /she may need improvement or where they need to be challenged.
  • Read all notes and tracking reports you receive about your child I strongly believe in the old proverb: "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Through good communication and by working together, we can give children a strong foundation. Parents can contribute to the success of their child daycare experience by building and maintaining a positive relationship with their child's provider.
  • Inform your child provider when there is a need for extra care You husband or wife may be out of town, a death has occurred in the family, or maybe your child is recovering from being sick. Please let me know so I can give your child extra love and care that day.
  • Pay your childcare fees on time Please be thoughtful and considerate when it comes to paying your childcare fees. I understand that unexpected circumstances may arise. However, your child care provider is being loyal to you when it comes to the care of your child so, please reciprocate the gesture. Funds are used to pay the mortgage, water bill and power to ensure your children are provided with a safe and secure environment.