• "My main motivation must be making my mark - masterminding major moves my mind is meaningful - most MC's can't move me mentally
  • messed up my memories marred by misery - money murder massive mayhem - misfortune in my life made me a madman - my melody is much
  • more than music - many mercenaries mob off my movement - So inducive death I dictate - my military mindstate boosting the crime rate - wait
  • pardon me please 4 my crass delivery - its post traumatic stress from what them bastards did 2 me - nobody gave this path I chose it - marching
  • Martin, Malcolm, Moses - labeled a heathen as a youth but now believer - followed my heart to the truth I'm now a leader"

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King Naim was born in Washington, D.C. He's also known as "Jaz" and "BossGameJames". He was raised in the streets of Uptown DC. His first studio album (Supremacy) is due out Fall/Winter 2011. He has released successful singles such as "Dreams" and "The life". Known for his gritty tone and ice cold swagger, he's also the founder of Real Live Music Group and Bigger Brother Publishing.

His Musical Influences

Some of his early musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle and many more. Crediting the fact that he grew up in a party environment as his musical roots. Good music speaks to his soul... It puts him at ease. His all time favorite artist is Tupac Shakur. Tupac and Malcolm X are two of his favorite people. The poetic words of Pac has helped him endure many rough nights.

In His Own Words

My music is a reflection of not just my life, but peoples lives. It comes from the heart, I recount my beautiful stories with my ugly truths. Theres definitely a lesson in my message. To all Hip-Hop fans... scratch that. To all fans of music, I appreciate the love and support. I do this for the struggle. I do this for the streets. Mark my words, I shall indeed appease the crowd. As always... Respect ! - King Naim

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