Reginald Kerns

Reginald is a Managing Partner and has a strong background in operations management. For more than 10 years he has held various key positions for several multi million dollar companies. He is a visionary and excels in transformational change. Reginald has a great passion for training and development, which has helped to deliver some of the most effective teams around. His creative style and leadership skills have been a key driver in delivery successful top line sales, profitability and customer satisfaction. He is a leader amongst his peers and excels in the area such as team member engagement, productivity, and cost reduction. He is skilled in planning and managing a systematic approach to achieve a desired output. . He believes in flawless execution, driven by a diverse approach of high quality standards. Furthermore, Reginald understands the importance of change and knows how to integrate it into the business objectives to create sustainability for all shareholders. He has reshaped businesses by collectively working with executive teams to put systems in place and enhance the overall culture of the brand. His work has improved performance in a variety of metrics in addition to providing companies with the competitive advantage and structure.


Training and Development, Transformational Change, Creative Strategy

Jasmine Neveles

Jasmine is a Managing Partner, food and beverage coinsure. She has a bachelor of science in culinary management and a M.B.A. with a marketing concentration. Jasmine has traveled the world observing various cultures and customs throughout her education. Jasmine has been in the field of operations for more than 10 years. She is persistent in her pursuit to achieve any task at hand. She is never satisfied with mediocrity and prides herself on being meticulous without becoming stressed or overbearing She is a driven self-starter that produces high quality work. She excels at creating brand awareness and brand recognition. She is motivated by challenges and puts in countless hours of work to conquer them. In addition, she has been responsible for heading in-store operations at some of the highest volume establishments around. Her innovative techniques have allowed her the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented individuals around. Jasmine is great at networking while maintaining a professional demeanor. Her skills include maximizing profitability, reducing costs, and creating marketing strategies. Her experience includes everything from event planning, wine consulting, catering, account management, restaurant management and project management. Jasmine's passion for service has made her a dedicated contributor to her community. Her mission is to ultimately create future women business leaders. Her charisma, devotion, and fun energy make her a delight to be around. She believes consistency and persistence drive results that produce success.


Marketing, Project Management, Operations Management, Brand Management

Joshua Towbridge

Joshua is a Managing Partner and has over 13 years of experience managing operations for high profile companies. He is driven and motivated by positive results. Throughout his career, he has been known as a change agent. His unique ability to analyze challenging opportunities has allowed him to effectively deliver change. Joshua has created winning cultures for multiple companies through the coaching and development of people. He has the candid ability to maximize performance across the board. With a relentless pursuit, Joshua has been able to undeniably build sales and increase profit margins. Furthermore, he understands the direct correlation between people and business; therefore, much of his time is devoted to team building. He fosters competitive winning teams, which build consumer loyalty. Joshua has played major roles in both developing and implementing policies and procedures. He believes whole-heartedly in the power of change. Joshua understands that yielding great results require the right people and the right plan.


Operations, Sales Building, Financial Management